Saturday, 15 September 2012

Gleefully Awkward Aches

So the past few days have been uneventful, apart from burrowing out my living room to buy cookies and coke to get over the pains from being a woman. My whole body aches not just from the boredom but from the constant upright fetal position I sit in daily.

So how did I spend my day I hear you ask? Well mostly on YouTube and then watching the first episode from the new season of Glee, which I might add I was stupidly excited to see and it didn't let me down. Then after 42 minutes or so I was back from the euphoric happiness to the four walls of the living room only moving every few hours to suppress the cramp in my knees and feet.

Now I sit in that same upright fetal position watching Awkward my second favourite MTV show (behind Teen Wolf of course) then its off to bed.
Tomorrow should be fun, actually leaving my house for air to do some shopping oh and especially to get some dye. Goodbye grown out bright orange, hello Megan Fox brunette (i hope).

For whoever is out there, till next time


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