Friday, 8 February 2013

New Beauty Items

As I said in my last post here is the new stuff that I bought online. All of it is makeup related as I love makeup and I wanted to share this section of my life with you. Hopefully one day I can be in a career which involves my love for makeup, so if any of you have any suggestions for products I should try leave it in the comments. Remember I hardly have any money so I like to find beauty bargains to match the more up market products.
Anyway let me stop babbling and get straight into it.

Firstly I purchased The Real Techniques By Samantha Chapman Face Brush. This is great for foundation as it gets into every section of your skin so you get a flawless finish. I got this off Amazon for I think £10 which is great for this quality. You may also know Sam from her beauty channel on Youtube pixiwoo.

Also on Amazon I got a NYX lip liner in Auburn. This is a dark reddy/brown/purply colour if that makes sense. Its looks good on its own or add a dark red or purple lipstick for more drama. This was around £3.

I was having a bit of a NYX moment and a few days later I went on the actual NYX website and ordered another lip liner in Pinky. This is such a sweet colour and I've never really been much of a pink person but this wasn't too bright but still had a lot of pigment. I also ordered the long version of it as it was offer for £2.

On the NYX website I also ordered a blush in Taupe as Nikki Tutorials says how good it is for contouring. I got this for £4 if I'm remembering that right.

From Boots a few months ago I got my foundation as I like to make sure I never run out. As I'm super pale and basically a vampire (my skin hasen't seen sunlight in about 4 years) I need one of the lightest shades which is Raw Silk. I love this foundation and it blends so well on my skin. I can't remember the exact price but I think its around £8.

I'm trying to get all my makeup organised right now so I purchased some grey box container things for £1 each, which was a bargain. I got them off Amazon and the bigger you go the more expensive they got so I think I got the smallest. So in the top I have my lip liners and lipsticks. The second is all my eyeliners, the third is my foundation/concealer and blushes, and the last has all my mascara and eye glues.
I'm going to purchase 2 bigger ones for all my eye shadows and lashes and then it will finally be in order.
I hoped you liked my little beauty item haul style blog. If you have any suggestions leave a comment.

Oh and here is a picture of my very messy, greasy, unfinished dyed hair as you can see by the dreadful photo the roots are blonde and the rest is orange. I have decided not to bleach it again as I'm trying to limit the damage so I have read up that a blue based toner balances out the orange. So when I get money through next Thursday I'm off to Sally's to get this to an acceptable blonde. Hopefully it will look good before my birthday! 
I want it to eventually look like this! 
The word of this next week is defiantly going to be PATIENCE!

Addition: When I uploaded this I forgot to add 2 other products that I got. Silly me!

I purchased Wake Me Up Concealer from Amazon for £6 ish and I used it for the first time today and I have to say its the first concealer that has given me full coverage especially under the eyes. My dark circles have always been a problem and leave me looking like I either got punched in both eyes or I haven't slept in 10 years. Not a great look! I fully recommend this product. I got it in the colour Ivory as I'm really pale.

Next item I forgot to mention is a NYX lipstick in the colour Orion. I got this from a website called Beauty Joint click here to access the website. They give great deals on products from Milani/NYX/E.L.F etc. This was only like £3 which is so cheap but as it came from America I had to pay £4 postage which is ok if you order a few items. I love this lipstick it glides on so smoothly and the colour is stunning. The picture makes it look more pinky than it is, it is actually a brown colour which can be darkened to vamp up the look.

Me wearing Orion Lipstick. Excuse the lack of eye makeup I cried and it all came off.

Till next time


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