Monday, 18 February 2013

My Birthday Weekend

I'm officially 20! Holy Moly! How time flies. 
Over the weekend I spent my birthday with some of my family at Chester Zoo and a pub meal. It was a busy but chilled out weekend and I had a lot of fun. Thank you to all the lovely messages people wrote on Facebook and to all the people who got me cards :) As a lot of people at this time we don't have much money, so I'm really grateful for the presents I got and luckily I love them all.

So anyway onto the pictures, they are all taken by me on my Blackberry phone so sorry for bad quality. The Chester Zoo pictures were taken by my sister who has a proper digital camera and who normally takes all the pictures of my makeup for my blog :) You can look at her blog here!

I went on my laptop in the morning and because most things I have are linked with Google I had a lovely little birthday picture and message :)

My auntie with the help of my uncle made me a Tiffany Box cake with bow and pearls. It was amazing and so tasty considering this is only the second cake she has ever made in her life.

They also got me a pearl necklace which I love.
My mum got me a tshirt and heart cage necklace from Next.
My mum also got me Lady Gaga's perfume Fame.
I love the alien style bottle and the black fluid.
My sister got me brushes from Fraulein, they came in this roll up leopard print case. 
Santuary bath and body stuff with a towel wrap
Dove body lotion and body wash
I love this makeup palette I got.
My Dad and Julie got me Rihanna's Reb'l Fleur perfume.
I love the stiletto bottle it comes in.
They also got me a One Direction Photo in a frame.

Here are some of my favourite pictures my sister took at Chester Zoo.
My cheesy face haha!
I bought a little Lion.

To see all the things I bought with vouchers and money I got look at my next post!

Hope you enjoyed this

Till next time

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