Friday, 1 February 2013

January's Hits and Misses

I thought as its the first month of the year I would start an end of the month tradition of telling all of you wonderful people my favourite things and my dislikes of the past few weeks! I got this idea from the make-up guru Nikki Tutorials you can find her blog here , I love her, her videos are so funny and she is so sweet, plus her makeup is amaze-balls!

So lets begin with my January Hits!!!

  1. American Horror Story Asylum - This season has been dark, twisted, creepy but absolutely brilliant! I loved season 1 and I loved this season they are different in so many ways but still bring great story lines and amazing acting from the cast. I'm defiantly going to be purchasing the boxsets, I need these in my collection.
  2. Olay Moisturing cream - This has been my life saver I use it twice a day as my skin has been so dry from the horrid weather. Its been so cold that my pores have dried right up and left me with flaking skin which my foundation just wouldn't sit on. My mum gave me this so I'm not sure how much it is.
  3. Hats - I have recently been going through hair colour transformations so covering my whole head with a hat has been my routine thing. Also its perfect if you can't be bothered washing your hair or your having a bad hair day which for me has been recently.
  4. Acrylic Nails - My sister being a trainee nail technition is ideal because she always needs someone to practice on. She has been doing overlays on me which help protect my natural long nails also she has been doing glitter acrylics on me which look great and haven't budged in a month!
  5. The Return of Justin Timberlake - I have been waiting for this for 7 years! He's finally back, I wasn't sure the first time I heard "Suit and Tie" but now its really grown on me. He is so smooth and sexy ahhh I can't wait for the album in March! 

    6.   The Silver Linings Playbook - By far the best movie I have seen this month I won't say too much but go look at my review here , it was a perfect movie! Oscars are needed!
    7.    Learning the Cup Song - Yes I was very bored but I learnt something new aha, if you don't know what it is it was from the funny comedy Pitch Perfect. This girl has done the best cover I have seen so far and she also has a tutorial so go and watch that!

And the not so great things!
  1. Wet/Windy and Icy English Weather - I don't mind cold weather in fact I actually really love rain but this month has been so whats the word . . . . oh yeah just plain horrible! First the small amount of snow was nice but then it just went all slushy and iced over. Second the wind has been almost storm like, I mean crazy to where you can hear it shaking things and trees have been falling down. Not fun!
  2. Dyeing Hair - I was in the process of getting my hair lighter from dark brown and its just a pain, I like the extremes of colours so if its blonde it has to be really light and if its dark it has to be super dark and so on. But I suppose if I want those colours I have to go through the pure effort of dyeing and then repairing my hair back to strength.
  3. No Money - Seriously Christmas I spend loads then left with nothing, I go to look at my bank and just roll up on the floor and cry, life.
  4. Waiting for TV shows to return -  Like WTF British TV companies Glee and Hawaii 5-0 have only just started the new seasons when America got them ages ago, and Vampire Diaries are still not back from Winter break! Get your shit together.
  5. Gangnam Style - I'm over it.
  6. Sleeping Patterns - I said in the New Year I was going to get up at a respectable time and I have failed at life miserably. 

So looking forward to February I have a few things coming up including my 20th Birthday! I feel old so I'm calling it my twenteen birthday! Yay! I'm going to spend that day in Chester Zoo with my family which I'm looking forward to as they have got a few new baby animals there.
How cute is the new baby Meerkat

I'm also going for a big family meal and its one of my best friends birthday as well. So lots to look forward to.
I'm tagging my sister in this so click here to see her blog and her hits and misses of January.

Till next time


  1. cant stop playing that girls version of the cup song!! so good!! i want to learn it! :) thanks for sharing! :)

    1. Haha I love it, it took me about 30 mins to get the actual beat down but singing the lyrics at the same time is so hard xoxo