Tuesday, 18 June 2013

First impressions on Avon and other products.

So as I am an Avon representative I get to see all the new products and get to try them out as well. I have been collecting Avon products over the last few months and after using these products I thought I would give you my opinion on them.

Oh and sorry for the crappy pictures my phone isn't the best.

Lets start with face products:

Clearskin Professional liquid extraction strip - I was excited about using this product as I get many blackheads around the nose area, but on first using this product I didn't particularly like the gloopy texture of the liquid. It takes around 20 mins to dry which was fine but pulling it off nearly brought tears to my eyes. Once you get over the pain of pulling all the strip off you are left with a smooth nose but the blackheads were still there. I think I will stick to nose strips from now on.

Skin So Soft facial hair removal - Since having short hair I have been more self conscious about the hair at the side of my face, yes I'm fair but it's still noticeable. Put this on a few minutes later I wash it off and have a smooth face. Love this product.

Herbal fresh hydrating face cream SPF15 - I use this daily and I love it, it's easy to apply and soaks into the skin very quick.

Magix cashmere finish foundation in Nude - Love this foundation perfect for giving you a slight glow, if you are as pale as me you know it's hard to find a foundation that doesn't make you look orange. This gives you a lovely summer look and gives you a medium coverage. 
Ideal flawless BB SPF15 in Nude - I'm a BB cream virgin so I thought I would give this a go, applying it is so easy it's like moisturizer. I wish though I got it in a lighter colour as this one is a little dark for my skin but still manageable.

Light Beige Primer - I love this primer it's so smooth and the colour is great as a base or as an eye shadow by itself. It's a small pot but you do not need a lot.

Lip products :

From left to right - Glimmerstick lipliner in red brick, Colourtrend Lolita, Colourtrend Think Fast Pink, Lipstick in Vintage Pink, Lipstick in Camel.
Love all of these products, very impressed with the red lipliner I wear it by itself or for a different look add a different red lipstick on the top. All of these products last so long and are so smooth to apply.

From top to bottom - Glimmerstick lipliner in red brick, Colourtrend Lolita, Colourtrend Think Fast Pink, Lipstick in Vintage Pink, Lipstick in Camel.

Other Products I have tried:

The fuzz around the picture is my cat Lily!!
Barry M Gelly Hi Shine nail varnish from left to right - Papaya, Greenberry, Blood Orange, Prickly Pear. I really do love these polishes the finish is superb. They are so shiny and last a long while without chipping. I want the whole collection.

I am wearing the colour Papaya.

My dad and his wife got me this Rihanna top and it's amazing, a little on the baggy side which I love and would be perfect with either a pair of jeans or with a high waisted skirt.

So that's all I have to share so far, when I get some more Avon products I will be sure to give you my impression on it.

Till next time

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