Wednesday, 5 June 2013

May Favourites

5 Days too late I know but better late than never . . .

Lets get to it!

May Favourites:

1. Sheldon: As you all know I got a new kitten about 2 weeks ago and he is firmly apart of our family now. Yes he doesn't pee in his litter tray yet (which is super annoying) and he has very mad moments galloping around the living room but we love him. Almost 10 weeks old now and he is having his first injections tomorrow I hopefully It will be over quick and by 12 weeks he can go and play outside.

To the window, to the wall . . .

He likes to sleep in weird positions as well.

2. Robin Thicke : I've always heard bits of his music but 'Blurred Lines' featuring Pharrell and T.I. is so good and catchy, I never get tired of hearing it.

3. Lonely Island : Every Wednesday they are releasing new music from there new wack album and putting it on there YouTube channel. Click here to go to it. The Album comes out of June 11th.

4. Tennis : I am a huge fan of Tennis and this past week The French Open has been on. I was supporting Richard Gasquet but unfortunately he lost in the last round. I hope someone other than the big top 3 wins this tournament I like it when an underdog comes through and beats everyone. Soon it will be Wimbledon so I will not be moving from my couch for 2 weeks!

5. Angelina Jolie : One of my favourite actresses revealed this month about a brave decision to have a full mastectomy. Read her full article here.

6. New Wig : I have been searching high and low for cheap wigs to wear whilst my hair is growing out, I bought a long black/brown one and cut the fringe a bit shorter so I could see. I mostly wear wigs with hats because I think they look more real especially since I buy synthetic wigs. I have found a really good site called Fairy Wigs and there are a range of celebrity wigs to buy, so of course I am saving up for a Rihanna one.

May Misses

1. Weather : I'm not a big fan of hot weather unless I have gone to a place specifically for that like on holiday. My favourite season is Autumn/Fall and I really like rain I think it looks so peaceful and pretty. So since England has been hot as balls this week I have been moaning quite a bit. Opps! Not Sorry as when everyone is moaning when its cold I don't say a thing as I like it.

That's all I can think of right now
Till next time

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