Thursday, 30 May 2013

50 random facts about me tag . . .

So I didn't know what to blog in the last week other than my new kitten is crazy and loves to sit on my laptop keyboard so I can't possibly write anything. For example I have only written the first sentence and I have been waiting 30 minutes to carry on writing as Sheldon has been spread out over all the keys pressing god no's what.

Lets get to it!

1. I got my ears pierced aged 5 years old.
2. I have been dying my hair since I was 12.
3. I currently have 3 cats and 1 guinea pig.
4. My favourite shop is Topshop.
5. I hate mushrooms.
6. I was born on the 16th February 1993.
7. I can't play any sports but I love watching tennis, football, rugby and formula 1.
8. I'm incredibly clumsy.
9. I have 10 GSCE's and 3 A-Levels.
10. I suffer from Anxiety Disorder.
11. I can remember song lyrics after the second time of hearing a song.
12. I think I am an amazing singer but really I can't sing.
13. I will watch any type of film from any genre I'm not fussy.
14. My favourite song at the moment is Robin Thicke 'Blurred Lines'.
15. I used to collect Dream catchers.
16. I'm obsessed with anything Egyptian.
17. I can't stand when people have bad eyebrows.
18. I have based nearly every hair style I have had on Rihanna. From the video 'Shut up and Drive' onwards.
19. I love a good bubble bath with candles.
20. My favourite book is The Great Gatsby.
21. When I get a crush/mild obsession on an actor I will watch his whole catalog of films until I find a new obsession.
22. I spend most of my day on Youtube.
23. I love all makeup.
24. I find it hard to trust people, especially new people.
25. I've never been in a relationship.
26. I have to use an inhaler when I get a cold because I can hardly breathe although I am not asthmatic.
27. My favourite colour at the moment is black.
28. My thighs do indeed touch and always will, and too be honest I don't care.
29. Once I decide to do something e.g. change my hair colour I become impatient and can't wait so I end up doing it the next day.
30. I can stay in bed for hours I love sleep.
31. I have green eyes.
32. I have no tattoo's at the moment but I intend on getting a few in the coming years.
33. I have never joined a club in my life.
34. My favourite season is Autumn I love coldish weather.
35. I find rain really pretty and soothing.
36. I drink Coca Cola nearly everyday I love it.
37. I have a phobia of plasters (even typing it makes me vom).
38. I broke my arm in the first week of year 6.
39. I like to voice my opinion, even if it seems brutal.
40. I don't believe in secrets because once you have told 1 person its not really a secret anymore is it.
41. Roses are perfect.
42. I'm kinda shy if I don't know you but If were friends I come out of my shell a lot.
43. I find guys who smoke kinda hot but I would never touch a cigarette in my life.
44. I have been to Las Vegas twice and I'm only 20!
45. I have a fear of the unknown.
46. I have a mixed music taste thanks to my parents, so I am pretty open to new genres.
47. I have seen live Beyonce, Rihanna, Usher, Lady Gaga (twice), Steps, Paramore, X faxtor live tours, Radio City Live, etc. I love concerts.
48. I believe friends can become family. Not all family has to be blood.
49. I love nutella.
50. I support Liverpool Football Club.

Thank you for reading all of this, I would love to see your 50 facts.

Till next time

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