Tuesday, 14 May 2013

New Obsessions!

Well I realize I haven't blogged in a while so I thought It was time for an update! As most people know I shaved all my hair off about 2 months ago and slowly but surely its starting to grow, but as I'm waiting for it to get to a cute length I decided to buy 2 wigs from Amazon. One of them (not pictured) is just a long blonde one which looks nice with a hat or beanie over the top as I always find synthetic wigs have funny unrealistic partings.
Then I saw this pink one, normally I wouldn't have bought this type of wig as it just looks like a party wig but this one has dark roots with the purple blending into the pink which I love. So I ended up getting it and loving it! Yes it's a bit unpractical and doesn't look natural at all but its fun and why not!

Me and my cat Lily having snuggles!
I wish the wig was a lighter pink like in the darker pictures. Eyeshadow from a Kat Von D palette. Most of these pictures I'm just messing around and playing with the wig :)

Of course I had to repaint my nails. Here I used my new Rimmel Downtown Red with gold glitter.

I love that all the spring flowers are coming out so I decided to do a little bit of Spring cleaning starting with my bedside table. I now have enough room for my new egyptian statue and crystals. I also bought some flowers for the living room from the local florists.

I had all my friends come over at the weekend just for mainly a catch up. I love spending time with them and also we don't see each other as often as I would like so these little catch ups mean the world to me. Everyone was gone by about 1am except my friend Charley, we ended up spending the whole night chatting, laughing, singing (badly) and me ranting! It was hilarious and before we knew it, it was light outside and we had been up for 24 hours! I think we went a bit cuckoo and blanked out for a few hours but it was fun. 
We said it was like a detox which I probably needed as my sleeping pattern is all up the wall! I ended up staying up till about 11pm that night as I had family round so I worked out in the end I had not slept for 36 hours! Lets just say I was pretty much a zombie the next day!

Here are some pictures Charley took :
The madness set in!
A failed attempt at sleeping top and tail as we couldn't stop laughing.
Charley wearing my ring! She now belongs to me!

Other Updates:

A must watch: I heard about the new Netflix series Hemlock Grove starring the beautiful Bill Skarsgard
(brother of Alex) and even though I didn't know what It was about I thought I would give it a try! Well let me say I watched all 13 episodes in like 3 days, its totally weird but so good. I will be doing a review I think later this week!

Hair and face envy: Google Model Alena Shishkova she is stunning I want that platinum blonde hair!
Film coming out: Only Lover's Left. Starring Tilda Swinton and Tom Hiddleston as a vampire!!! Holy S**t!!! I'm so excited, look at this sexualness (is that a word?)

That's it for today!
Till next time

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