Wednesday, 1 May 2013

April Favourites!!

So its that time of the month again, no I'm not talking about agonizing PMS but my April Favourites!! This month seems to have gone so fast and before I knew it my mum jetted off to Spain and me and my sister are left to bring in the month of May :)

So lets get to it!!!

April Favourites:

1. Lana Del Rey : As I am currently anticipating the new Great Gatsby movie I was so pleased that Lana Del Rey released the full song 'Young and Beautiful' after hearing a snippet of it in the trailer. I have loved her voice for years now and I'm so happy they chose her to be apart of the movie soundtrack as her voice fits so well with that era.

She also released 2 covers which are so perfect. Click here for 'Summer Wine'. Click here for 'Chelsea Hotel No2'.

2. Nail Art: As many of you know I love getting my nails done especially with Stiletto/Dagger acrylic tips. My sister applied them at home they I came into her college so she could be assessed on some nail art. Love them, need to decide what my next colour is going to be. If anyone is interested the colour is Mandarin Magic by Avon.

3. Healthy Eating: I have started eating more healthy at the end of April and I want to continue this into May. I'm not going to call it a diet because my body will just react and implode thinking it can't have any nice food. So instead of eating take outs and microwave meals I have been having salad with chicken or another meat/dish. For Breakfast I have been eating yogurt with granola, sultanas and some fruit today I had raspberries and strawberries! Yum!

4. Charity Shops/Thrifting: Don't worry I'm not going to mention Macklemore, but I love vintage stuff and as my mum has got her new record player working I am on the hunt for some vinyl's. Charity shops are great for finding little gems of either clothing/jewelry/books and ornaments. Don't forget to look in the sizes bigger than yours because you might find a print that you can use to make another piece of clothing.

5. The Vampire Diaries: Ok so I just watched the latest episode which is episode 20 called 'The Originals' and my love for Klaus has just doubled! I'm not going to ruin it for anyone who hasen't watched it yet but their is a big surprise and Klaus' little puppy dog eyes when he cries is adorable! Too many feels! Loving the second half of this season!

6. Candles and baths: The weather isn't too hot here in England and especially it gets chilly at night so a hot bubble bath always seems like the right thing to do most nights. I turn all the lights down, light lots of candles ( I need more) and relax whilst listening to some Jeff Buckley or Mazzy Star! Just perfect.

7. The Fifth Element: I forgot how much I love this film! It's a true classic especially in my family, it's my Dad and Sister's favourite film. If you haven't seen it what are you doing with your life.

8. Game of Thrones: Just finished season 1 finally and I love it so much. Daenerys is so beautiful and I can't believe her husband died, it was really sad but now she has Dragons so hell yeah!! Oh and I love Richard Madden who plays Robb Stark yum!!

9. Thor - The Dark World: Loki do I need to say more!

10. Hair: Finally its growing, In one month hopefully it can be a cute pixie cut!

April Misses:

I've had a pretty good month nothing has really been a miss with me so far. Maybe one!

1. I bought the Maybelline new Falsies mascara because everyone raves about it and to be honest their is nothing special for me its just a basic mascara. Good for separating lashes but not for length. Maybe it's just like that for me but I don't think I will re purchase it.

Tell me in the comments what your Hits and Misses were of April in the comments.

Till next time

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