Saturday, 20 July 2013

I'm back for good!

Over the past few months I have had no motivation to blog at all, to be honest I had no motivation to do anything at all. But I have put a lot of time into my blog and it would be a shame to let all that go to waste. So I have kicked myself in the bum and have made a list of things I want to blog about in the coming weeks.

I suppose I will update you on my going's on. I have started more therapy called CBT (Cognitive Behavioual Therapy) that I have to go to every week for my anxiety issues. If you don't know what it is google it :) I wrote a post of my anxiety a year ago you can click here to go to it.
I have become more confident in the last year but I still struggle with going out, so it sucks to miss out on all my friends parties and trips out. I am actually dropping the dose of my tablets to 20mg so I can get the best out of the therapy. She is trying me on something called graduated exposure where by you slowly introduce doing things, that normally you would run away from. So for me I really want to be able to get on public transport to go out, but at the moment I can't without being so anxious. Therefore my first step would be sitting at the bus stop for 10 mins and only when i'm comfortable doing that we move onto the next step which is staying at the bus stop at a peak time for 15 mins. Now to any normal person this sounds silly but to someone with anxiety you have to do these things so that next time instead of running away from a situation you stay there and fight the anxiety. Don't get me wrong it's so awkward leaving a bus stop after 10 mins, to any other person they are probably thinking what the hell is she doing but I just have to get over that and do it. This therapy is really up to you, you get out what you put in.

What else have I been up to?? Not much is the answer! Just catching up on all my favourite TV shows like True Blood and Teen Wolf. Is anyone been fangirling (by that I mean hysterically crying at their gorgeous faces) at the comic con pictures on Tumblr ahh I wish I was there.

Rihanna has grey hair! I had light grey hair about 2 years ago and I loved it but she has gone on the more dark grey side. Any day now you will see a bunch of girls sporting this hair colour (yes that probably includes me). It shows she can pull off any colour she wants. I love it! Also look out for her new perfume Rouge coming soon.

My summer song this week is definitely Stooshe 'My Man Music', It's fun and has a little reggae vibe which I love check it out!

The weather in England has been hot as balls. I'm more of an Autumn/Fall person anyway and I like being cold so for it to be as hot as Jamaica is killing me. Don't get me wrong I love to go on a hot holiday and lounge around eating ice cream and dipping in the pool but you can't do that in England! This is the hottest summer I can remember it's mad!

Right I'm off to stick my head in the freezer, leave me any comments and I will reply as soon as I can.
Oh and My Twitter and Tumblr buttons work (thank the lord!) so follow me their as well lovelies!

Till next time

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