Monday, 7 October 2013

I Love Fall Tag!!

My sister composed this tag out of questions about this time of year.

1. What do you like about Fall? 
I would say I love the weather, its my favourite time of year. The falling leaves and the colours are stunning.

2. What is your favourite type of accessory in the Fall? 
Definitely my new fluffy black hat. It reminds me of a Russian hat and it is perfect for this time of year to keep my ears warm.

3. What type of clothing do you like to wear in the Fall?
Anything over sized for me. Normally big jumpers with black tights and some boots. Simple but comfy.

4. How does your Fall makeup change from your Summer makeup?
A dark lip is a must for this time of year. I have been loving Mac's Diva and Cyber, they are sultry and perfect with a simple or smoky eye.

5. Types of Jackets/Coats you wear in the Fall?
Layering is a must. Cardigans under coats or jackets is what I normally do. I wear a red mac coat when going shopping or going out. Other times I wear my camouflage jacket as its simple to wear with nearly all of my wardrobe.

6. Favourite Fall drink?
Hot Chocolate with marshmallows no question!

7. Favourite Fall candy?
Those Halloween lollipops, I love them so much!

8. Favourite thing to do in Fall?
Go on walks as the air is crisp and refreshing.

9. Brights or Neutrals?
Neutrals. I don't tend to wear many brights I normally stick with white,grey and black.

10. Describe your Fall image?
Black tights, Chelsea boots, Over sized tshirt/dress, big necklace, dark lips.

11. What Fall trend are you most excited for?
Dark nails are coming back this year and I can't wait. I love all the deep purple's and red's! Also Camouflage is back this year which is great as I have a few pieces already.

12. What is your favourite Fall beauty product?
Clear skin is a must when it gets colder. So I like to use my L'oreal skin perfection day moisturiser to keep my face looking fresh.

13. What is your favourite Fall scent?
Cinnamon and apple? Anything Christmassy! It gets me in the mood for the rest of the year and it smells divine.

14. What is your favourite Fall song?
Right now I am loving, Lady Gaga 'Sex Dreams' and Rihanna 'What Now'.

15. Favourite Halloween movie?
Halloween Town. Its a classic.

16. Favourite Fall food?
Roast dinners. Any comfort food!

17. What comes to mind when you think of Fall?
Perfection. Falling leaves, Christmas decorations start appearing in shops. Starbucks hot chocolate. Cuddling up on the sofa watching TV with the family.

Till next time

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