Thursday, 3 October 2013

September Favourites

Autumn is here (finally) and we can all dig out our cozy jumpers, over sized cardy's and thick tights because no one will be seeing our legs for the next 5 months.
September was a fun month, I spent my time eating takeaways, seeing friends and celebrating my sister's birthday.

So lets begin with my Hits:

A new Disney film is on its way and its called Frozen! If you liked Tangled I think this is the film for you. Love the trailer and I'm really looking forward to this being released.

Second favourite is the film Mud. Its sort of a coming of age film for two boys who help a fugitive to escape bounty hunters after him and reunite him with his true love. It stars Matthew McConaughey, Reese Witherspoon, Sarah Paulson and Sam Sheppard to mane a few. Truly is an excellent film which I think will be up for a few Oscar nods next year. The stand out of the film for me was Tye Sheriden who plays Ellis one of the young boys who helps McConaughey's character. He stole the show for me and is defiantly going to be an amazing actor in years to come. Beware half way through this film you may cry, I never normally cry over films but this one got me. Go see it!

Another thing I have loved this month was The Mindy Project. They don't show it over in England yet I don't think, so I had to watch it online and I'm glad I did. If you like New Girl or any show about a 30 something looking for love this show is for you. I think the target audience is probably women who can relate to the same issues she goes through. It of course has a few laughs and is easy viewing. When I don't want to watch something heavy I watch this. Its fun and carefree and is fast becoming one of my favourite shows.

Lastly I am still in love with Rihanna's River Island Collection. I have been living in most of the clothes as they are so easy to throw on and still feel comfortable whilst stylish. Every time I go to wear hear extensions I always put on my G4LIFE hat, I love it. Cannot wait for more collections from her.

Speaking of Rihanna, if haven't seen her Pour it up video go watch it!!!! Its slutty but fantastic, she shows everyone who still rules the roost!

Lastly I am in love with my True Match minerals foundation in Golden Ivory. It has almost replaced most of my liquid foundations as its so easy to wear and gives you great coverage. I like how lightweight it feels and how easy it is to apply. I wear this most days, I think the only time I wouldn't wear it is if I really wanted a full coverage to last for many hours e.g. a party. When I run out I will defiantly be getting it again.

Misses of September

Firstly I love my animals but this month they have been driving me bonkers. It must be something in the air as they have been so annoying. I am forever cleaning up sick or cat poo! Not fun.

Secondly, yes my hair is obviously growing but personally I feel like its not getting any longer. I'm not expecting long hair in a month but I would like it to be a little longer so I could at least style it. As i'm growing it out its at the awkward stage of growing past my ears, so I am forever tucking it behind so it doesn't look a mess. Some days I just give up on trying to make it look presentable.

Here is a picture from the other day. This is 6 months of hair growth from shaven.

I'm looking forward to October as we will be fully in Autumn. I have also just received some Mac products so I will review them after I have tried them out.

Till next time

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