Thursday, 4 April 2013

March Favourites!

I cannot believe its actually April already and the weather is starting to finally feel like Spring. This is only going to be a quick post because I couldn't really find any new favourites this month. Anyway here we go!

March Hits:

1. Shameless US. This programme is amazing, I am literally obsessed. I tried to watch the original UK version and I just can't get into it. I have fallen in love with the US versions characters. I totally ship Mickey and Ian I just want them to be together!! Its nearly the end of season 3 and I'm dreading how long I will have to wait for season 4. If you haven't watched this, get to it!

2. Avon MagiX illuminating face perfecter. This stuff is so good, I put it on before my foundation and I can really tell the difference in how my face looks after using it. The foundation glides on better and the overall setting of my foundation is so much better. I also got the tester for the MagiX cashmere advanced foundation in nude and it really gave my skin a slight sun kissed look which will be great for going into the Summer. I will be purchasing the bigger tube.

3. Max Irons. I have loved him since watching him in The Runaway. Look at that face! His dad is Jeremy Irons so he comes from good blood hehe. I can't wait to see him in the newly released film The Host.

March Misses:

1. I fell down the stairs 2 days ago like from the top step all the way down! I didn't want to fall on my face so I lent back and hurt my bum, lower back and sides. The pain has got worse over the last few days and its really uncomfortable to change position even sitting down and every time I get up their is a tight pulling in my stomach. So yeah not great, too be honest I'm surprised it hasn't happened sooner I'm super clumsy. So I'm  probably going to the walk in center later to get it all checked out but I reckon all they will say is you are bruised all over :( Not looking forward to being black and blue for the next week or so.

Till next time

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