Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Nails and Update!!

So as you know I like to change my nails quite often and after I fell down the stairs one of my dagger tips broke off so I thought it was time to change the design. As I've been really into Ancient Egyptian every thing I thought I would try a gold and blue look as those colours were used a lot in those times. They loved the primary bold colours and I think I achieved that used gems and a dotting tool. It wasn't as perfect as I would have liked I'm a bit OCD about my nails but take a look anyway:

Then after a week I got bored and wanted a change so for a brighter look I used mostly my Avon colours to add a sparkle to the tips after I painted them with a bright base.

My Left Hand:
My Right Hand:

As I am writing this one of my tips bent so I just soaked it all off and that was fine but the bow won't come off as it has double acrylic under it to help it stay on. Hopefully I can use a cotton bud/Q-Tip to get acetone under it so I can put on a new tip and have perfect nails again!

In other news my hair is getting super fluffy and out of control I can't wait for another month so it can lay flat in a pixie style. I've been using hats and scarves when I'm going out as I can't do anything nice with my hair yet. I bought this super cute cross ring from River Island I love it.

I also watched the season finale of Shameless us and I can't wait till January for the next season, so I've been filling the empty hole with other shows like The Walking Dead. I watched the first season in one night and so far I love it. I'm about 5 episodes into season 2 and even though I've really been that into horror or gore I think this show is great. Yes the zombies are horrid and disgusting but that's what makes it feel more realistic (if that's possible), I think it helps that I'm really into Special effects makeup so their easier to look at! 

I'm planning on watching Game of Thrones, Mad Men, Revenge and Breaking Bad to fill my time. Oh and of course catching up on Dexter from season 4 onwards. So yeah hopefully I can get up to date with all of those programmes in the coming months.

Till next time

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