Sunday, 22 December 2013

Homemade Christmas Gifts

So over the last few weeks I have stayed at my aunties to help her clean up before Christmas. Whilst I was there I helped her decorate her tree and she helped me make some Christmas gifts. Even though they are super sweet they are also incredibly cheap to make. You can put anything you want in these little parcels and they are great for family and friends.

 Inside I put tea light candles and holders, some chocolate or haribo and a little beauty gift, I bought all of these from Wilkes and Avon. To wrap the gift I used some dark red netting material and snowflake cellophane which can be bought cheaply online. To tie it all together use some shiny ribbon and a cinnamon stick which smells divine. I love how they turned out and I'm so glad my auntie told me about these favors.

The tree

Till next time

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