Tuesday, 23 October 2012

New Stuff

I got some new stuff over the week as I was buying Christmas presents for the family and thought I would treat myself.

First is a Fraulein concealer palette which has many shades to fit to your skin tone. This palette is amazing, as I have really dark circles under my eyes the lilac colour does wonders to counter the darkness and make my skin look even.

Second my mum gave me a Colourworks glitter eyeshadow palette which is going to be perfect for nights out and Christmas.

Next I bought a Stargazer lipstick in a Plum colour to achieve a dark sultry lip.

My dad and his wife went to Las Vegas a few weeks ago and went to Sephora and bought me a Kat Von D eyeshadow palette which is gorgeous, I can't wait to try out the colours. 

They also got me an O.P.I nail varnish in the colour Turquoise Blasted, I tryed it out on my sister and I really like the colour.

Till next time


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