Sunday, 6 January 2013

Spring TV Breakdown

I thought as its the start of the new year some of my favourite TV programmes are starting again so here is the rundown on things to watch!

Glee: Season 4 kicks off with Rachel in NYADA and the younger members still in Glee club in Ohio. New Directions set out to find new members whilst still cementing their place in the group. We also get to find out what happened to all of our favourite members throughout the season. Glee has always been it for me, its fun, you can sing along and it has some great characters and storylines. The more Darren Criss on my screen the better!! Showing on Sky1.

Hawaii 5-0: Coming back for Season 3, Steve McGarrett finds out that his mother had faked her death all along, and his team try to combat Wo Fat once and for all, but nothing is as it seems. I have watched the re-make of this programme since its start in 2010, its a perfect mix of humor and action. Showing on Sky1.

Dancing on Ice: 10 new celebrities take to the ice with their professional partners each week someone is voted out till the winner is crowned. I've always loved this show its so much fun and thrilling to see untrained people take on huge performances. Showing on ITV1.

American Horror Story Asylum: Season 2 of the horror franchise is about halfway through I think. It is set in a mental institute where we meet new characters and find out about their lives and why they came to be in such a horrid place. I'm not normally a horror fan but I watched season 1 and loved it, season 2 is very different but still just as creepy. Jessica Lange is scarily good in this role as it everyone Showing on FX/FOX

Mr Selfridge: New series. Jeremy Piven stars as Mr.Selfridge in a true story of the creation of one of the biggest department stores in the world. As I'm writing this I am watching the 1st episode and I have to say I'm loving it. It's so classy, I love the fashion and the whole concept of the start of this huge store and all rules/regulations to make it perfect. Showing on ITV1.

Let me know what your favourite programmes are of the spring.

Till next time

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