Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Wednesday Update: Change!

Hope you all had a good week so far I don't know what been going on with my sleeping pattern this week but I've been so tired and when I do go to bed I can't sleep. I swear I must be an owl or something. So I need to sort that out in the next week because I can't stand being nocturnal for too much longer.

I have also changed my background as its meant to be snowing soon in England in some parts it already has so I'm getting in the mood for it. Leave a comment if you can see my subscribe button because it wasn't showing before?

I have also decided this week that I will defiantly be getting a tattoo or two this year (I was going to get one when I turned 18 but I didn't and that was 2 years ago). I already know I'm going to get scripture just under my collar bone for my friend who died and then I really want a rose. Still not sure where to get it, maybe on my hand or foot? But I do know I want all tattoo's I get to be black and grey its just a personal preference.
I went on Google and found some images.

I also in the future want an Egyptian tattoo more than likely Bastet Goddess of the cats. She is the goddess of protection against contagious diseases and evil spirits. I want it to have jewelry around its neck to make it more authentic as that's what Egyptians used to do as they worshiped their cats and I worship mine.

Right I'm off to make dinner and tomorrow I'm going to start on my exercise DVD hopefully I don't die halfway through a 20 minute workout! Wish me luck!
Leave a comment for suggestions for my Friday film review.

Till next time

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