Thursday, 27 December 2012

Wednesday Update: Christmas!!!

Hello everyone this is just going to be a quick update with what I have been doing in the last week, its been very busy!!
So last Thursday I finished all my shopping with my sister in Birkenhead, Wirral which was ok but it was so busy. Then I just spent the afternoon wrapping presents and making party bags for my friends for Saturday. On Friday I went round to my aunties to help her wrap, which took forever as she bought loads but it was fun. Me and my mum stayed for a Chinese as well.
Saturday was a busy one also, we got up really early and went to Asda (Walmart) to get some pizzas and we ended up getting an early present, I picked a mans sweatshirt from Next that I love and its so big and comfy. I will post a picture of everything I got on Friday. We went to Frankie and Benny's for a lovely breakfast, I had an egg and bacon muffin which I highly recommend.
My friends then came round and my sister did some nail designs on a few of them, we basically just chatted, caught up, ate and had fun. I missed them all a lot!
Sunday was me just catching up on sleep! Monday me and my sister went with my dad, his wife and daughter to my Nan's where some of the family were, and we all gave each other presents and just spent time chatting.
CHRISTMAS DAY! I got up around 8 ish and went downstairs with my mum and sister, we drank tea and opened presents!! I got :

  • curling wand
  • one direction take me home album
  • ted
  • the dark knight rises
  • terry's chocolate orange
  • earrings
  • chelsea boots
  • big army jacket
  • hat
  • smellies
  • bath stuff
  • hair stuff
  • purse
  • perfume
  • money
  • Ian Somerhalder calender
  • makeup
Then we went round the corner to my Nan and Grandad's and had dinner which was lovely, my auntie, uncle and cousin were also there. Then we just chilled out because we were stuffed! Me and my mum went to my other auntie and uncle's later on and we gave each other presents I then got some makeup, smellies, hairband, gloves, cookies, top, earrings, jewelry box, nail file and a bracelet  We then ate even more and drank bucks fizz and basically had a really good time, I didn't end up going to bed until 5am! I was so shattered as we had to leave at 10am and when I got home I only intended to go to bed for an hour but crashed out and missed going back to my Nan's for her anniversary buffet, opps!
Christmas has been fun soon it will be New Year, gosh its gone so fast! I think my auntie and uncle are coming to ours for that. Sorry I didn't manage to do the makeup tutorial I was so busy I only had a subtle smoky eye and some new lashes on.
New movie review will be up Friday though!! Comment for suggestions!
Hope you all had a great Christmas and have eaten as much as me haha, tell me what you got!

Till next time

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