Monday, 3 December 2012

The December Tag


1. What do you love most about December? Its Christmas time of course and that's my favourite holiday of the year. The whole month feels so festive, you go anywhere and there are lights, and Christmas decorations galore. I love it.

2. What is your favourite perfume to wear with the holidays? I wear Christina Aguilera's original perfume, it's my all time favourite and its really affordable. The smell is feminine and lasts a while.

3. Which products can't you live without this December? Lipbalm for the cold icy wind and my lips tend to chap and a snuggly coat for going Christmas shopping in.

4. What is your go-to look this month? Winged liner? Red lips? Tell us! I love a good red lip for this season also dark plum is perfect for winter. Smoky eyes are perfect for parties or just simple eyes with a bold lip which is probably what I will be doing this Christmas.

5. What is your most favourite glittery product? It can be anything! My heels from Shue they are a dark blue and just perfect, glitter explosion on my feet :)

6. Show us your favourite ornament from your Christmas Tree! I decorated our smaller tree this year and I love the red flowers even though its not so traditional they just feel so festive and look really classy.

7. Which candy are you going to eat too much of this month? Everything!!! I fill my face this month :) Mainly chocolate.

8. What is your favourite December/Holiday related movie or TV show to watch? Home Alone!! Or Love Actually they are just perfect for this month!

9. What do you really hope Santa has wrapped in a present for you this year? Anything from Tiffany's, but if not that then some DVDs

10. The Holidays are all about sharing the love, Who do you want to give a shout-out and why? Family and Friends who have been their for me throughout a tough year.

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