Monday, 18 March 2013

Spring Tag!

My sister did the spring tag so I thought I would do it as well as its getting close to that time of the year!
So here we go! Also I tag everyone who reads this tag and I will be looking forward to reading your answers!

  1. Favourite spring nail varnish? I love pastels for spring I think it just brightens up and adds to any outfit. Currently I am wearing the new collection from Avon speed dry in the colour Sprightly Mint. This is perfect for spring and it is so east to apply! 
  2. What is your must have Lip colour this spring? A pop of pink is perfect for this season, I normally wear a red lip but a bright pink is defiantly the way to go. This spring I am going to be wearing Avon's lip stix in think fast pink.
  3. Your favourite spring dress? I love 50s style sun dresses and slips. The pink dress shown is from River Island, I love the prom style dress and the pastel pink is perfect for Spring. I also love Rihanna's clothes on RI and I will defiantly be purchasing some of her collection.
  4. What's your favourite flower? I love daisies and roses.
  5. Your favourite spring scarf/accessory? Anything pattered is great for scarves and as my hair is short I will be wearing them around my head. Also big chunky necklaces are a must.
  6. What spring trends are you excited for this year? I've been seeing a lot of lace and crochet designs lately. Also mostly basics like a simple vest top or crop top are on all the top fashion sites in colours like grey and beige. These colours will be great as I said before with a pop of pink on the lip.
  7. Favourite spring candle? I love candles especially Yankee candles, all the floral smells are perfect for this season. My friend got me a bubblegum flavoured candle and it smells heavenly.
  8. Favourite body spray/perfume this spring? Lady Gaga's Fame perfume is probably going to be my scent the whole year. It looks dark but it has this sweet smell to it which I love.
  9. What is spring like where you live? Spring is so pretty in England, the daffodils come out and all the fields are bright green with splashes of colour. The air is always so fresh and its just a lovely time to go out.
  10. Are you a spring cleaner? Yes especially in my own room I like to re-arrange things around and change the look of things. Throughout my whole house we do like a big clean up and add things like flowers and potpourri to bring the outside inside. 
  11. What's your favourite part about spring? The fact that everything that died off throughout winter starts to bloom and everything looks just fresh and rejuvenated. I love all the baby animals as well.
  12. Any plans for a spring vacation or break? Not really as funds are tight but if its a nice day we might go to some garden centers as even if your not buying anything its still nice to walk around.

Till next time

Pictures from Google and River Island

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