Saturday, 16 March 2013

Starting Again . . .

This post is mainly going to be about hair! Yes if you have followed me for a while you would know I'm very indecisive about my hair, one minute I want it short then next long. Or maybe blonde then pink then dark!! ahhhh I wish I could just stick with one style and colour for more than 2 months.

I started dying my hair when I was 12, which is far to young but I wanted to be blonder. So I stared with highlights then my love for changing colour took over and for about 7 years my hair has been platinum blonde, bright red, orange, blue, black, dark brown, half black half blonde, purple and pink. I have had my hair bleached more than a 20 year old should have, but I don't care because its only hair and why not.

Normally when I decide I want a colour or cut I get it straight away because I'm too impatient. I have mostly used Rihanna as my inspiration through my hair journey. Your probably asking yourself 'how is her hair still alive?' well the answer is its not. I was planning on getting it all cut in a pixie cut like Rihanna's in her Elle 2013 cover but I would still have damaged ends so I decided to shave it all off!!

After seeing Jessie J shave her hair off for Comic Relief it gave me the push I needed to just get the clippers out and do it. Many people would say it is not feminine and yes without makeup on I do kind of look like a boy but its only hair it will grow to a pixie in 2 months, and before people ask no I'm not ill, I'm not a lesbian, I do not want a sex change and I have not gone mad (well maybe a little)!

Their have been many of the sexiest women on the planet who have shaved all their hair off, Demi Moore, Charlize Theron and of course Natalie Portman in V for Vendetta. All of these women rocked their close shaven locks and without all that hair to hide behind showed their beauty off. Don't worry I'm not going to compare myself to the likes of those women as I'm not even in their league but what I'm trying to say is do something different or out of the ordinary. You won't regret it, change may be scary but its good. Take yourself out of your comfort zone and don't listen to what anyone says, stick two fingers up to the haters and take control of your life!!


It's my cousin's 22nd birthday today and me and my mum just went round to her house for a curry and to say happy birthday.
I think this is a nice chilled out outfit for the day, I wore my chelsea boots and a cardy (not pictured) for a casual look, to change it up for night time stick some black heels or boots on for that extra pow!

Egyptian Print Dress/New Look
Bag/Elizabeth Arden
I love this Egyptian print its perfect and different to just any black midi dress, it also makes the Gold necklace pop!

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