Wednesday, 13 March 2013

This or That Beauty Tag

Hello so I realized I haven't blogged in a while and I was stumped as to what to blog about then I watched Amira Meki's YouTube video and copied these questions down so you all can do the tag! Oh also if you don't follow Amira on Youtube you should, she does great clothing haul's and hair and makeup videos.

I have altered a few of them as I live in England.

So here we go!!


Blush or Bronzer? As I'm quite pale I prefer Blush and you can use a darker one to contour then add a pop of colour to the top of the cheek.
Lipgloss or Lipstick? Defiantly Lipstick I hate having anything sticky or gloopy on my makeup.
Eyeliner or Mascara? Mascara always opens up my eyes.
Foundation or Concealer? Concealer as I have really dark under eye circles.
Neutral or Coloured Eyeshadows? Neutral as it goes with anything and it's a lot easier to wear.
Pressed or Loose Eyeshadows? Pressed. I do not have time for eyeshadows that fall everywhere.
Brushes or Sponges? My real techniques brushes.


Long or Short? Long, I like mine in a dagger shape.
OPI or China Glaze? OPI
Acrylic or Natural? I can get the dagger shape with my natural nails but it can make them weak but acrylic can also be a pain. So I'm going to choose natural as at least then my nails can breathe haha.
Brights or Darks? Other than pastels I normally wear dark colours.
Flower or No Flower? I'm guessing this is about nail art, if it is then yes I love nail art it gives your nails another dimension other than just flat.


Perfume or Body Spray? Perfume any day.
Lotion or Body Butter? Lotion I'm not a big body butter fan.
Body Wash or Soap? Body Wash defiantly.
Lush or Bath & Bodyworks? Well as we don't have a Bath & Bodyworks in England and I have never been to Lush I'm going to say Superdrug.


Jeans or Sweatpants? Sweatpants. Comfort all the way.
Long sleave or Short? Short.
Dresses or Skirts? Dresses especially maxi ones.
Stripes or Plaid? Plaid I suppose, sometimes if Stripes are horizontal they do not do you any favors.
Flip Flops or Sandles? Flip Flops are cheaper but sandles are really nice. My favourite are gladiator sandles.
Scarves or Hats? Scarves because if you get smaller ones you can wrap them around your head.
Studs or Dangly Earrings? Not a huge earring fan but studs.
Necklaces or Braclets? Necklaces, I can't stand anything on my wrists.
Heels or Flats? Flats are great for comfort but I love my heels especially my platform ones.
Cowboy Boots or Riding Boots? Neither my Doc's do just fine.
Jacket or Hoodie? Jacket, Loving my Topshop Camouflage one right now.
Topshop or Dorethy Perkins? Topshop!!!!!!!!!
New Look or Miss Selfridge? I love Miss Selfridge but it can be a bit pricey so I will pick New Look they are great for basics and cheap staple clothes.


Curly or Straight? I have naturally straight hair but I love wavy hair.
Bun or Ponytail? Bun!
Bobby Pins or Butterfly Clips? Bobby Pins have been a lifesaver when I started to grow my hair out.
Hairspray or Gel? Always Hairspray.
Long or Short? Both. I love short hair and love long hair, I always find it hard to pick a hairstyle as I love both. Right now I'm thinking about going to get a pixie cut.
Light or Dark? Love light blonde hair and pastel colours but dark hair is my preference right now.
Side Swept Bangs or Full Bangs? Full Bangs.
Up or Down? Right now my hair is a mess so it will have to be up.


Rain or Shine? Rain has always been my favourite.
Summer or Winter? Winter, I don't like being too hot.
Fall or Spring? Fall is my favourite time of the year, love the scenery and the crunching leaves.
Chocolate or Vanilla? CHOCOLATE!

A little update also is that I started Avon and so far I have completed my first campaign and I'm really enjoying it. Hopefully I will get to host an Avon party with all my friends and play a few games so they win prizes.

Loving Justin Timberlake new single 'Mirrors' so happy it hit Number 1, I can't wait to get his new album.

The new trailer for What Maisie Knew is out. I've been waiting for this for so long as Alexander Skarsgard is my imaginary husband! Check it out!

One more thing is Lana Del Rey has just done a photoshoot for L'Officiel Paris and she looks so stunning. I really wanted a pixie cut but this is swaying my mind as its perfect!

Till next time

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